Sorry To Bother You

The funny thing about Sorry to Bother You is that it's not. It is happy to bother you. Its off-kilter vibe pops like nothing else you'll see this year and if that's not for you, there's nothing that suggests they care. 


Choices made along the way leave us with a pretty unremarkable addition to this canon--unlikely to be remembered long after the Future-laden soundtrack is no longer in rotation. 

Not Quite - Incredibles 2

While Incredibles 2 manages to be fairly entertaining, it is mid-grade Pixar at best. It is still very good, but a number of confounding decisions left it feeling incomplete even as its runtime approached 2 hours. 

Review: Ready Player One

Though two and a half hours is too long for the movie to run, it’s not hard to see why he wanted to stay in this world. It’s internal rules and gratifying structure has just as much to say about our world as theirs.

No Reason To Board - The 15:17 To Paris

Eastwood is making a habit of taking events that took just a few minutes and stretching them into feature length films. He achieves this by showing the event over and over and filling the runtime with backstory that only loosely relates. The 15:17 to Paris represents the very worst of this habit, coupled with production values that feel more like the efforts of a high school drama class than a four-time Oscar winner.