The King Is Dead - The Lion King

If you are going to remake a nearly perfect film, make sure it is not a craven carbon copy. Infuse it with new ideas or daring angles. At least then, even if your movie is not revolutionary, no one can say it is what 2019’s The Lion King winds up being—boring. 

Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 has just enough fresh perspective to justify its own existence—which is more than can be said about the fourth entry in nearly every other franchise.

So-So - Ma

There were racial dynamics, class dynamics and so many other social strata right there to be considered, but the movie saunters past them as if blindfolded. The result is a movie that feels like it decided it was going to fail even before cameras started rolling.

It Almost Gets In - The Intruder

What is most interesting is how close the film comes to horror in its third act. It is as intense as any full-fledged horror film you are likely to see this year. They turn the suspense up to 11 and then rip off the knob.

All Of - Us

Unlike other allegorical tales like “Mother,” “Us” never forgets that it is a movie. That it is taking a shot at capturing the conceit of the American Dream is just icing on the cake.

Mostly Just Marvel - Captain Marvel

We get the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D., the origins of Captain Marvel and a good look at how she fits into where the franchise is headed from here. But all of that was to be assumed. How successfully they pulled that off is another matter entirely.

Cracks, But Not Broken - Glass

This is not “Good Shyamalan.” It is well below The Sixth Sense and not on par with Unbreakable and Split either. Instead, it’s a barely worthwhile attempt to extend the universe he created in its predecessors. But it’s interesting.