They Got There Eventually - First Man

The original footage of the moon landing is so primitive that seeing this version is jarring and incredible. But it took us almost as long to get to that as it did in real life. The first hour and a half is spent with our feet firmly planted on the Earth and therein lies the problem.

Introducing Stephanie G. - A Star Is Born

The first half is a magical ride to stardom on the back of charm and earnestness. The second half is the juxtaposition of spirals upward and downward that both feel unsatisfying. The end result is a movie that is likely to divide, but unlikely to be forgotten.

Her and Only Her - The Wife

Its revelations are telegraphed like rushed passes from a bad high school quarterback, but it somehow still manages to entertain. That it does so is a testament only to Glenn Close’s talents. Everyone else deserves major side-eye for expecting us to buy that this is their best effort.

Hate and a Half - BlacKkKlansman

Misguided musical interludes, lengthy speeches and over-stylized elements have all cropped up in various forms throughout Spike Lee’s career, so any time he is back with a new film, there's always the question of whether we will get the 'Good Spike' or the 'Bad Spike.' It doesn’t take long to realize, this is the former through and through.

In The Eyes of the Beholder - Blindspotting

Daveed Diggs, of Hamilton fame, goes all-in with the entertainment capital he’s earned thus far to make this passion project that he and his longtime friend, Rafael Casal, started working on almost a decade ago. It is at once timely and timeless, as it tackles issues that have bubbled under the surface for years and are now staples in the nightly news.

It's Not - Sorry To Bother You

The funny thing about Sorry to Bother You is that it's not. It is happy to bother you. Its off-kilter vibe pops like nothing else you'll see this year and if that's not for you, there's nothing that suggests they care. 

Not Quite - Incredibles 2

While Incredibles 2 manages to be fairly entertaining, it is mid-grade Pixar at best. It is still very good, but a number of confounding decisions left it feeling incomplete even as its runtime approached 2 hours.