Review: Ready Player One

Though two and a half hours is too long for the movie to run, it’s not hard to see why he wanted to stay in this world. It’s internal rules and gratifying structure has just as much to say about our world as theirs.

No Reason To Board - The 15:17 To Paris

Eastwood is making a habit of taking events that took just a few minutes and stretching them into feature length films. He achieves this by showing the event over and over and filling the runtime with backstory that only loosely relates. The 15:17 to Paris represents the very worst of this habit, coupled with production values that feel more like the efforts of a high school drama class than a four-time Oscar winner.

On Thin Ice - I, TONYA

I, TONYA comes together in an almost manic fashion, with changes in tone, time and perspective. It was adapted, at least in part, from interviews with the characters involved and thus ducks in and out of crisscrossing, and even conflicting, anecdotes. The end result is as dizzying a triple axel and as sharp of the blades it rests on.