Review: Wilson

This film is a haphazard meditation on the difficulty of life for people whose lives really aren't all that difficult. So self-absorbed, mostly joyless and ultimately not very poignant, I walked away feeling like my time was wasted. There are unending annoyances ingrained throughout, but more than anything, it is just a bore.

Review: Logan

Everything in it is hyper-real, making for a kind of action that lends to the story instead of detracting from it. But it's in the well-worn patches of humanity that the movie finds its bearings. 

Review: Life, Animated

While there were moments, the film actually suffers to fill its 90-minute run time with the kind of drama that seemed possible. In the end, it felt like material better suited for a documentary short than for a feature length film.

Review: I Am Not Your Negro

James Baldwin was brilliant. Aligning his writing with images, past and present, should result in a film that speaks powerfully to our time.  And while Raoul Peck's film reaches those heights at times, certain missteps keep it from being what it could have been.

Review: Hidden Figures

It is at once remarkable and relatable; understandable and unimaginable. That it melds all of this into a story that goes beyond the usual “feel-good” is a testament to the talents of all involved.

Review: Lion

This is the best version of this movie. That doesn’t mean this is the best movie. Just that given what they started with, there were a lot of places this could have gone wrong. 

Review: Nocturnal Animals

Like a pig in the mud, it starts low, and blissfully revels in its emptiness. Not nearly as self aware as it wants you to think, the movie magic is sparse as Ford reaches for story-within-a-story and fails on both levels.