Review: IT

If you take out the parts where the clown exposes rows of teeth that would make a great white shark envious and uses them to rip limbs off little children, this is basically just a sweet coming of age story. Think ET, but with the occasional mangled seven-year-old. 

Review: Detroit

When Bigelow wants you to feel our protagonists’ fears, you will feel them. Whether it is a shot we hear but don’t see or a body making contact with the floor, this is trauma turned up to 11.

Review: Baby Driver

Baby Driver feels like a singular experience. Whether it is the technical prowess or the murderer’s row of entertaining actors, this movie is popcorn in the best possible way.

Review: It Comes At Night

Most of the fear-inducing elements come from what these characters see and don't see when they look into the eyes of the other characters. If it can even be properly classified as horror, Schultz makes clear, the real horror is us.

Review: Wonder Woman

Representation certainly matters and knowing that little girls and young women will see themselves in Gal Gadot's brilliant portrayal warms my heart to the nth degree. But above all else, the film has to stand on its own merit to earn praise, and girl, does it ever!