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All Of - Us

Unlike other allegorical tales like “Mother,” “Us” never forgets that it is a movie. That it is taking a shot at capturing the conceit of the American Dream is just icing on the cake.

Mostly Just Marvel - Captain Marvel

We get the origins of S.H.I.E.L.D., the origins of Captain Marvel and a good look at how she fits into where the franchise is headed from here. But all of that was to be assumed. How successfully they pulled that off is another matter entirely.

Black and White - Green Book

On the surface, it looks like the sappiest of sap—a self-proclaimed balm that would show the path to solving racism. And while the movie itself isn’t much deeper than that, it is so superficially satisfying that it’s hard not to appreciate the charm.

Coulda Fooled Me - Nobody's Fool

The twists are stupid, the jokes don’t land and the love story isn’t one worth rooting for. A lot of talent was wasted on this laughably bad story and we are all worse for having seen it. But hopefully this review can save you from the regret of giving it a try.

Heist Done Right - Widows

The movie has star-power, drama and is about as well put together as anything you’re going to see this year and manages the rare feat of being a blockbuster worthy of critical praise. There truly might be something for everyone here and that is almost never the case.

To Old Friends - Halloween

Michael Myers remains the slow-walking, homicidal maniac that sparked a revolution in the genre and he is chasing down a teenage girl with a multi-generational spit. When it comes down to it, what more could you really want?

Divided We Laugh - The Oath

The Oath endeavors to present a credible but outlandish take on where we might be headed if politics keep unfolding the way they have recently. And while I’m not sure the end result is plausible, it’s certainly close enough to possible to be thought-provoking, original and genuinely funny. You will see us in this.

They Got There Eventually - First Man

The original footage of the moon landing is so primitive that seeing this version is jarring and incredible. But it took us almost as long to get to that as it did in real life. The first hour and a half is spent with our feet firmly planted on the Earth and therein lies the problem.

Introducing Stephanie G. - A Star Is Born

The first half is a magical ride to stardom on the back of charm and earnestness. The second half is the juxtaposition of spirals upward and downward that both feel unsatisfying. The end result is a movie that is likely to divide, but unlikely to be forgotten.

Her and Only Her - The Wife

Its revelations are telegraphed like rushed passes from a bad high school quarterback, but it somehow still manages to entertain. That it does so is a testament only to Glenn Close’s talents. Everyone else deserves major side-eye for expecting us to buy that this is their best effort.